Sunday, September 11, 2011

Too Much Grease

Oh man, I am awful.

So during the summer I did a post here confessing to a horrible habit of mine involving greasy, fatty, unhealthy foods. I said I would take better care of my body this year, and that to start, I would stop eating McDonalds.

Well, I did. For the whole summer. But then school started up again, and the golden arches called me back in with their cheap chicken burgers. Since the 24th of August, I've eaten at least one Junior Chicken sandwich every day that I've had school. They're just too delicious.

This stops now. When I go back to school on Tuesday (hooray for never having class on Mondays!) I'm going to bring extra food from home, and only go to McDonalds for drinks (they still have free refills, which are a beautiful thing when you don't feel like only drinking water) and to steal Wifi.

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