About Tom

Tom Zalatnai is a Montreal-based songwriter, musician and beard enthusiast.

After spending a few years working in youth ministry, Tom stepped down in late 2012 to take some time to discover himself outside of that context. This led him into a crippling depression and a desperation for some sort of purpose. He got through that, mostly, and is doing way better now, and has decided to pursue a career in the arts. He is currently studying Songwriting at Berklee College of Muisc's online school, with an eye toward writing the books and lyrics for Broadway musicals. With a few projects in the works, he's decided to take up blogging again as a place to dump out his thoughts from time to time, and to keep people appraised of the goings-on in his life.

And so, back by popular demand, here's Tom.

You can follow Tom on Twitter @tomzalatnai