Popular Posts

Here is a list of my five most popular blog posts! I will update this from time to time, so do check back! :)

Dawson College Peace Garden Video- Originally posted October 1st, 2011. This is a video clip of a group performance at the opening ceremony of Dawson College's Peace Garden.

Self-Indulgent Blog Post- Originally posted November 16th, 2011. This post talks about some exciting stuff going on in my life!

Ave Maria- Originally posted December 4th, 2011. This post deals with the Virgin Mary, and includes a link to a really fantastic sermon preached at Emmaus Anglican Church during the Advent season.

The Bible in a Year: My New Year's Resolution- Originally posted December 19th, 2011. This post is the first in a series that is still going on now, about my decision to read through the entire Bible in 2012.

Why Jesus?- Originally posted October 13th, 2011. This post was part of a series in a "Blog Challenge" I participated in back in October of 2011.

How Great the Pain of Searing Loss- Originally posted November 3rd, 2011. This post was a quick reflection on Job's fantastic response to his difficult situation.