Saturday, September 24, 2011

Don't Bite the Pepper

So this afternoon I realized we had no food for snacks for the youth group, and went over to the Open Door, our church's homeless drop-in centre/soup kitchen, and spoke to one of the guys there. They always have so much extra food and love helping us out when we need groceries and stuff. So I got enough crackers to last us a month and about six cans of fruit. Along with all of these snacks, I was given a single jalapeno pepper.

I'm a huge foodie, so I love interesting flavors and got super excited when he handed me the pepper. He even warned me, with a laugh, that "some of the clients at the Open Door grabbed a bunch of these when we put them out and just started eating them right then and there, and it took them a few minutes before the spice kicked in, so watch out." I told myself that I would eat the pepper at the end of the evening, because I always like to have a little snack after things calm down. Of course, because I'm used to using jalapenos as an ingredient, it didn't really occur to me that I should do anything special with it before eating it.

So I washed it.

Then I took a huge bite.

And it was super delicious! I really love the taste of a good, fresh pepper! God has gifted us with amazing flavors and foods that are just so unique and fun!

Then my mouth was on fire, for a good five/ten minutes, and I can still feel it a little now, two hours later.

The pepper was incredible- it tasted fantastic and was such a great color. Truly a vegetable that was pleasing to the eye and the flesh. And I gave in and just went for it without thinking about it, and I suffered the consequences.

Amazing how a pepper can remind me that I should look before I leap. It's so important to remember to check in with God about things before just jumping at them- even if they might look super fantastic on the outside.

Also, it's so important to remember to take the seeds out if you're going to eat a jalapeno pepper raw...

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