Monday, July 02, 2012

TV, Music and Gym Memberships

Sometimes, I feel like it's necessary to just write about the daily goings-on of my life.

This morning, I woke up with one thing planned: To shoot a solo video for Cabin 9. This week, Timblais and I didn't have time to meet up and do our usual duet cover video stuff, so we decided we would shoot two separate videos this week and each get our brief moments in the spotlight. Tim's video, a cover of his brother's semi-famous band's new hit single, is super fancy and really amazing! My video, lacking the fantastic quality of the equipment we usually use, is less exciting. But it's an original song! So that's kind of cool. It's a work very much in progress and it's nowhere near completion but it's a start, and sharing it has given me the opportunity to get some feedback that will, hopefully, help me round it out a bit more and ultimately make it a lot better by the time I get around to doing a proper recording.

Anyways, all I had planned to do today was shoot a video and watch some TV. This past weekend I picked up all three seasons of Arrested Development and a box set of the complete series of Reboot. Super exciting, getting to watch through these two amazing series again. So I thought today I would just shoot the video and burn through a couple of DVDs, maybe do some cooking, the usual relaxed Monday. But then a friend of mine called me up and suggested we go down to the local YMCA and sign up for summer memberships.

Now, I am not really the most physical guy. I don't bike. I don't hike. I don't swim. I don't jog. I don't really exercise at all, apart from phys ed courses and all the walking that inevitably comes from living in a big city and not riding a bike or owning a car. So the idea of signing up for a gym was actually kind of appealing for me! I figured, if I'm going to pay for a membership to a gym close enough to my house that I can go when I have nothing better to do, I might actually make an effort to get in shape, because I'll want my money's worth! So I'm pretty excited about that. I'm going to make an effort to go for at least an hour each week, but I think there will be a lot of weeks where I'm able to do way more than that, so hopefully I will actually do so!

I'm really tired right now. It's been one of those days where I'm super exhausted for no good reason. Maybe it's the weekend catching up on me, but I'm not sure. What I do know is that I'm getting up at 6 tomorrow to take an early trip to the post office (yay long weekends..) so I'm calling it a night.



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