Saturday, June 16, 2012

Sorry about inactivity (again)

Hey gang,

Here's another one of those posts where I apologize for falling off the radar for a little while and explain what's been going on to keep me so occupied..

I'm currently looking for an apartment to move into with Simon and Ali, two of the other leaders of Emmaus Youth Group. It's proven to be an interesting experience and we thought we were getting super close with this one place, but now we're not so sure anymore, and we're still hunting. The past couple of weeks have been spent meeting with the current tenants, and the landlady, convincing parents to co-sign leases, and so forth. A seemingly fruitless labor, for the time being.

That, coupled with intense amounts of work at Hazelaid and tons of planning for the last couple weeks of youth group, my life has been kind of hectic and all over the place.

Expect a new Cabin 9 video some time next week though! And hopefully I will have time to write a bit more once planning for our Summer Retreat is through :)



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