Monday, May 28, 2012

Do ALL the jobs!

So, I am kind of known around here as the guy who works all the jobs. People just know and understand that I have a lot of different jobs. I wear a lot of different hats. I have my foot in a lot of pools. You know what I mean.

Poor students tend to take what we can get. And poor, anglophone students who don't even have a CV/resume really can't afford to be picky. And sometimes, a rare few of us get super lucky, and people just offer us tons of jobs all the time! You can blame good contacts, charming personality, determination, but I really think it's just God watching out of me!

So, with all these jobs and the slight inconsistency that comes from them, people are regularly asking me, "Tom, what jobs are you working these days?"

A fun question because people are usually surprised when I tell them I'm sort of working five jobs at once. So, I thought, might be fun to write about that tonight!

1. Obviously, the job that I take the most seriously, that most-closely defines me and whatnot, is youth ministry. I am currently employed by Emmaus Anglican Church as Youth Co-Coordinator. This job is super fantastic and brings me so much joy. It's such a blessing getting to work with such amazing kids.

2. Churches seem to like to hire me- our sister Church, St Stephen's Anglican Church, which is conveniently where we host our Youth Group on Friday nights, hired me in November of last year as part-time cleaning staff!

3. Speaking of cleaning jobs, I work verrrry part time for a carpet-cleaning company called Braxon! This job is pretty irregular as I only get hours when there are jobs that work with the rest of my schedule. So a lot of weeks I don't get any, but sometimes I get tons.

4. And while we're talking about inconsistency and minimalistic hours, I am also a private tutor!

5. Last, but definitely not least, I just recently started a job at Hazelaid, a small Montreal-based company that's growing! We sell hazelwood and amber jewelry, as well as other natural medicinal products. Definitely check them out! :)

So that's that! A decent log of my current employment status, haha. I think it's a lot of fun having such a diverse background of job experience, and for the time being, it's a great way to make a living! Consistency would be nice, but I'm thankful that God continues to faithfully provide for me in His own interesting ways! :)

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