Sunday, August 28, 2011

God Provides

So a couple of weeks ago my bank account reached $0.13.
No big deal, people (especially students) hit 0 all the time, right?
It's not so bad running out of money, it's just a temporary thing, right?
Not if you're unemployed.

I started panicking, worrying that I wouldn't be able to afford my books for school, and a little upset that I wouldn't be able to go out for lunch/dinner as often as I like to (although that I would have gotten over, obviously).

Then somebody awesome who cares about me a lot gave me a little money toward my books, to start me off. I felt so blessed and so loved, and it was awesome receiving this kind of gift! But I was still worried because school books are never cheap, and the money was about half as much as my books had cost me last semester. So I thought to myself, well, "this is an amazing blessing, but God, please provide for me, let me work really hard this week to make the rest of the money to pay for my books." I started just trusting that God would provide for me enough money to cover books.

Something I was reminded of recently is that God exceeds our expectations.

I worked with my mom, ripping up carpets, on tuesday, and made fifty dollars. I went busking friday morning and my partner and I made fifty dollars in an hour and change. Then I got hired to work part-time for a carpet cleaning company.

When time came to buy my books, I was amazed- most of my courses this semester don't have a booklist, and a couple of the books I *do* need are books I already own from other semesters! I stepped into the bookstore with my money in my pocket, and the total price was outstanding-


That's right. I paid next to nothing for books this semester, and all of the extra money I made this week was such a blessing! God provided for me even more than I asked Him to! He gave me enough money to buy lunches, dinners, etc, not just for myself, and to treat myself to some special stuff- like a new game of Dutch Blitz :) And I managed to save a fair chunk of what I made this week as well, to put toward my driving lessons.

God exceeded my expectations, and provided so incredibly!

And now I have a job (sort of) and I'll be tutoring and babysitting again soon. I'll be making enough money to pay for guitar lessons with a professional jazz guitarist, and to save up for things I'll need later on :)

Shoutout to @sharingwithchu, a good friend of mine who sent out a newsletter this week on the theme of God exceeding expectations, and reminded me through that about how amazing His blessings are.

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