Monday, July 18, 2011

A Confession

Hey internet,

Nothing scandalous is about to appear on my blog, so don't worry.

This post is just to confess that I've been struggling with an addiction for the last little while, and it's something I'm going to be actively working through over the next little while, and probably posting about regularly.

I'm a greaseaholic. I eat way too much fast food and just generally greasy stuff. I've been getting pretty bad heartburn recently, and realized that I should probably start eating healthier foods now to save myself the trouble of a couple of heart attacks later on in life.

So my first step is to stop eating at McDonald's. I might take advantage of their $1 drinks for the rest of the summer though.

My next step is going to involve some kind of actual attention being paid to my diet, but I'm easing myself into this, so calorie-counting and stuff won't happen until at least August.

This will be a bit of a journey, because I really love my greasy food, but I know my heart and arteries don't. Here goes!

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